Thursday, December 27, 2007

#18 - Word Verifications

Title: Lousy Word Verifications
Subject: Blogging
Author: Mel Kaye
Location: USA, California, Thousand Oaks

Level of Annoyance (1-10): 4

This has become one of my "growing in irritation" pet peeves. Does anyone else get frustrated with having to type "Word Verifications" before leaving a comment on a post? Some of the letter combinations that are being asked are ridiculous and some are impossible to even make out. I inevitably blow it the first time then have type a new set of ridiculous letters just to leave a comment.

Possible Solution:
I disabled my “word verification” about 4 months ago and have yet to be spammed. I know that my readers have been leaving more comments because of the ease of leaving them. If you must have a spam filter, then create a number addition or some other easy type of spam filter. I hope Blogger sees this because Blogger only has these ridiculous “word verifications.”

(2/08 - Addition to this post. Well, I have now been spammed and had to reinstall Word Verifications. I have been humbled.)

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

#17 - Murder - Brazil

Title: Brazil Uncooperative in Extradition of Suspected Murderer

Murder / Brazil / Extradition

S.A. Torrence.

USA, Ohio

Level of Annoyance:

Complaint Details:
25 year Military Veteran Murdered-- Suspect Fled to Brazil

This was brought to my attention and it is, as the title says, an outrage. Read it for yourself, research it and if you think it deserves some attention, that is your call.


Claudia "Cris" Cristina Hoerig shot and killed her husband in March 2007 then fled to Brazil before her husband's body could be discovered. Brazil is not cooperating with the U.S. in extraditing the fugitive.

Major Karl Hoerig's memory lives on at Youngstown, Ohio Air Force Reserve Base as a friend and a fellow airman who served his country. He was a pilot both in the military and on civilian side and flew over 200 combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq with the 910th Airlift Wing's Hercules C-130's. He served for 25 years in the military.

Karl met his wife, Chris, online and they were married in Las Vegas in 2005. It is reported that their marriage was rocky. Karl had even confided in colleagues at Southwest Airlines that he was unhappy in his marriage and afraid his wife may try something. He was planning on moving out on March 12, 2007. On that fateful day he was shot 3 times ,twice in the back and one point blank in the back of his head, and left for dead by the suspect, Claudia Christina Hoerig.

According to the Trumbull County Sheriff Christina purchased a .357 Smith and Wesson revolver with a laser tracking device at a shop in Braceville, OH two days before the murder. She then practiced at a shooting range in Warren, OH and had the handle of the gun fitted for her small hand. After committing the unthinkable she then used her privilege as a pilot's wife and procured a free flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil the same day. The America's Most Wanted website calls the murder of Karl Hoerig premeditated and cruel.

According to Chris dumped Karl's body in the basement, emptied his bank accounts which amounted to around $10,000 and wired $9,000 more to family in Brazil. Her vicious ways were not limited to Karl, it has been revealed that she ran up thousands of dollars in credit card debt with a previous husband.

Dr. Thomas J. Bote said he was married to "the hellion" from . He told cops that she was both mentally and physically abusive to him. Her dishonesty about finances caused many a fight. At one point, the doctor said, his former wife had 20 credit cards going and was bleeding him dry. When the credit card debts piled up to the max, he couldn't stand it any more, and they had a big battle. The mild-mannered doc lost. He told investigators when he confronted her about the wild spending she laughed and presented him with divorce papers. Claudia Christina Hoerig Six months have passed and Brazil still has not cooperated with extraditing Christina who has a warrant out for her arrest. Karl's family was reluctant to speak with the media and wanted to give law enforcers and investigators time to work on the case. The pain they have felt finally led to plea to the public to write to their congressmen and senators and exert pressure on Brazil to return the fugitive who is living freely and has not been arrested by Brazilian authorities. The plea has been herd by Congressman Tim Ryan, representative of the 17th district of which Newton Falls, Karl Hoerig's residence, falls under.

Possible Solution:
Tim Ryan is ready to introduce legislation which will put pressure on the Brazilian government. He says two pieces have been drafted that would call for re-negotiating the US/Brazil Treaty, and limit foreign aid to that country.Last year the United States gave 14 million dollars to Brazil. Congressman Ryan is prepared to introduce the legislation if Brazil refuses to extradite Hoerig, and will also be working on legislation to put restrictions on people traveling from Brazil to the United States as well as tariffs on Brazilian products. "If they say she is not coming back, we drop the legislation immediately, " Ryan told reporters. "They need to know we are fed up." Claudia Christina Hoerig has dual citizenship in the United States and Brazil and is hiding behind Brazilian policy that allows the country to refuse extradition of its citizens.

[Update from Spree-] Here is the link to contact your Congressman/woman and let them know you want some justice.

From Wake up America

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#16 - Blogger

Title: Blogger Follow-up comments down without notice

Subject: Blogging

Author: MAX

Location: Portugal, Lisbon

Level of Annoyance: 9

Complaint Details: Blogger follow-up comments is down!!! These guys give us the candy, and once you get use to it they take it away without notice!

I understand that maintenance must be done, but couldn't they advice people? Where is the respect?

I have already written to blogger expressing my disappointment.

Possible Solution: Advanced written notice; that's all, just a little consideration........

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

#15 - Broken Health Care

Title: Broken Health Care System
Health Care
Mel Kaye
USA, California, Thousand Oaks
Level of Annoyance (1-10):

Complaint Details:

Now I am no Michael Moore fan, but I saw “Sicko” last night and it truly sickened me. Our Health Care system is broken and there is no denying it.

We are constantly hearing from the conservative side of Congress that the “private sector can do it better.” Well, wasn’t it the private sector that came with these wonderful concepts like HMOs that drop people who can’t pay their hospital bills off at Skid Row? Isn’t it the Private Insurance companies that pay their medical directors bonuses to deny claims?

I don’t know how many times my wife and I say that we will have to work until we die so that we can maintain health insurance. My wife is a teacher at a middle school and she knew two teachers that had cancer. In fact, one of them had a doctor for a husband. In both cases they had to continue working in order to keep their health insurance. They both worked until they died

On the other hand, do we want “Socialized Medicine?” Do we want medical care being controlled by our government? I think not. There really needs to be something in between.

We could go into nauseating details as to the plans being offered up by our politicians, but let’s face it, they are being offered up by POLITICIANS. Politicians have only one goal and that is to be elected; they lie for a living.

Possible Solution:

The only viable solution that I see is a hybrid, and yes it may increase our taxes. Let the private sector control the basic health insurance and the medical care industry. Let the government step in with a catastrophic plan that would cover everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions. The Government could have a plan that would cover those of us that are being denied by private insurance, possibly at a slightly higher cost. This could generate some competition for the Private Insurance Companies who are posting outrageous profits at the expense of individual health care.

I can’t come up with the details, but a hybrid seems to me like the best solution. In the meantime people are dying unnecessarily, forced to go BK, forced in destitution, with their “golden Years” turning BLACK! Is this the best that America can do?

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