Thursday, December 27, 2007

#18 - Word Verifications

Title: Lousy Word Verifications
Subject: Blogging
Author: Mel Kaye
Location: USA, California, Thousand Oaks

Level of Annoyance (1-10): 4

This has become one of my "growing in irritation" pet peeves. Does anyone else get frustrated with having to type "Word Verifications" before leaving a comment on a post? Some of the letter combinations that are being asked are ridiculous and some are impossible to even make out. I inevitably blow it the first time then have type a new set of ridiculous letters just to leave a comment.

Possible Solution:
I disabled my “word verification” about 4 months ago and have yet to be spammed. I know that my readers have been leaving more comments because of the ease of leaving them. If you must have a spam filter, then create a number addition or some other easy type of spam filter. I hope Blogger sees this because Blogger only has these ridiculous “word verifications.”

(2/08 - Addition to this post. Well, I have now been spammed and had to reinstall Word Verifications. I have been humbled.)

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm with you on this one Mel. I turned mine off in the spring sometime. I've had a couple of spam comments, but they are easy to delete. Try playing Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen and other memes with this blasted word verification. It's a real pain. Exellent complaint. :)

Monday Morning Power said...

If I am just casually glancing at a blog and just want to say hi to the author and I see a "word verification" is usually pass on the comment.

stacys1175 said...

I agree with you

Max said...

Hello Mel,

This is a great complaint! It is ridiculous indeed!

However I have been a victim of spamming, and for that reason Blogger blocked my blog a few months ago....I had no choice, but to turn on "word verification". I am thinking about removing it; but I am afraid that the same will occur *nodding*.

Blogger needs to find a way to solve these situations, indeed!
You have my full support on this one: Go Mel! Go Mel!

My 2008 be full of resolved complaints :)!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am in agreement here!!

.... oh shoot, I was going to complain about something... K sara sara, great meme Mel!!!

Happy 2008 my friend - and NO spammin`

Misty Dawn said...

I definitely agree with this! As Sandee said, the WW, TT and memes are a PAIN when people have word verification activated. I also have trouble seeing what the letters are and it just takes up more time when I have to retype another set of letters. And, lately, I seem very short on time.

Zhu said...

I'm with you! I'm so tired of captcha... especially when you spend a while commenting of a bunch of blogs (my feed is quite big!). I get cross-eyed after a while!

I'm glad I moved on WordPress, spam is easier to manage and no word verification for my readers.

Amel's Realm said...

Yeah, me hate it too he he he he...

Nessa said...

It doesn't bug me if it's in a personal blog. I hate it when I have to type word verifications at PPP when you want to reserve the assignments. So far I haven't been spammed, well, maybe once or twice but that's acceptable.

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi Nessa,
I am also the author of the "Big Bang" and to be perfectly honest with you, these word verifications are driving me up- a wall. I try and leave a comment for each participant as their number on the list. It's taking me 2-3 times as long as it should because of the f______ word verifications.

I feel better now.

melai said...

i also hate that! good thing you dont have it here in your comment box I have something to say too! I need juice!

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