Thursday, December 6, 2007

#16 - Blogger

Title: Blogger Follow-up comments down without notice

Subject: Blogging

Author: MAX

Location: Portugal, Lisbon

Level of Annoyance: 9

Complaint Details: Blogger follow-up comments is down!!! These guys give us the candy, and once you get use to it they take it away without notice!

I understand that maintenance must be done, but couldn't they advice people? Where is the respect?

I have already written to blogger expressing my disappointment.

Possible Solution: Advanced written notice; that's all, just a little consideration........

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Max said...


Thank you so much!!
I wish the blogger/google employees would read this: it is quite annoying!

The last time I had problems with blogger I had to submit complaint messages in 5 different languages, before they solved my problem *nodding*.

Once again, thanks...this is great :)!


Monday Morning Power said...

The eventual goal with this site is get on the radar of these major companies to check the pulse. With enough complaints and collaboration, who knows.

Amel's Realm said...

Yeah, that's true, Max. This is SO annoying. You did the right thing, Max, by letting them know. Let's just hope they'll soon do something about it.

THX for letting me know about this. :-)))

Anna said...

Lol, Max go Max go, you made the headlines. Cool blog here, lol, like the concept. Anna :)

Max said...

Thank you all! :).


I had said that your post worked! We are back in business :)!!!! Thank you :)!


Monday Morning Power said...


I would love to take credit, but I fear it was simply coincidence. Then again, maybe it was the post.

Max said...


That's the spirit! :)

Have a blessed weekend!

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