Monday, July 14, 2008


By Maddy

My daughter who was 13, she has a boyfriend at your Orlando Florida store. The boyfriend is your assistance manager who goes by the nickname "snake". Well I would say that the nickname definitely suits him after all he refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

While having a good time "snake" and my daughter had sex. This happened two years ago. Anyways "snake" got my daughter pregnant. Now I am a big promoter for underaged sex. I think that the fact my daughter has an older boyfriend is cool, and also I am glad she got pregnant. I want to teach her responsibility. The best way to show responsibility is to take care of a child.

While I am proud of my daughter for showing responsibility I am disappointed by "snake's actions. When he found out that my daughter was pregnant he ran away and hid. I have not seen him since. He had not even seen his new daughter whom we name Zen-Queeny. He does not even know if the child is a boy or girl.

Please help me search and seek out "snake" so that he can pay child support. Please provide me with his social security number. I am asking you for help because he was working when we told him the great news of my daughter being pregnant. He told me that he would be with me shortly because he had to help a customer. He was nervous at this time. He never came back. Later I found out he simply disappeared. No one has seen him ever since.

My daughter is 15 now and she and the baby are doing fine.


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Indian Drama Serials said...

Have you actually read your letter since sending it ? You seem an intelligent sort of chap so I’m sure after reading it in a calmer frame of mind you’d notice the oozing sarcasm that drips from it. You’re directing your anger at some poor bastard sitting behind a desk who had NOTHING to do with the incident. It’s the dopey bus driver who needs a slap around the ears not the guy reading your letter and that’s why he didn’t bother to reply. He would have felt that the sarcasm was unjustly aimed at him and thought “screw this smart arsed SOB” while he took aim at the cylindrical filing cabinet labelled “too hard” that sits at his feet. An unemotional, simple, straight forward letter explaining what occurred would have got a better result.
Did you wave to the driver or stand up and walk over to the door of the bus so that he was sure of what you wanted or did you just sit (under the sign that reads,” Bus Stop, SIGNAL DRIVER!” assuming that he knew what you wanted ? Maybe he thought that you were a homeless busker, taking refuge from the elements in the Bus Shelter. A lot of people sit in bus shelters when they have no intention of catching a bus, you’re supposed to tell them. You can see that can’t you ?

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