Sunday, September 7, 2008

#61 - False Accusations / Nosey People

By Christopher

 Hey Everyone,

         Don't you hate it when your falsely accused for something you didn't do? And you have all the proof and you know that you didn't do it, but, your still accused for it?

        Yes, that is what today's entry is going to be on....

                        I need to vent........... so get ready lol.

        So my mother...... she automatically assumes that I have done something when I know damn well that I didn't do something and because of that it turns into a huge argument over something I didn't do. And while I am being put on trial and yelled at for something that I didn't do she brings up things that happened when I was a kid ( ill explain that later )

        For instance..... Last night.........

       I noticed the OVEN  was turned up to 425 F and had last night dinner in the oven which was Pot Roast.

         Just so happened I  had to walk into the kitchen to get a drink and saw that the oven was on thought that I would tell mother that the oven was on 425 because I was in the kitchen looking for something and thought I would be nice and say something.

        Well as soon as I bring it up its... WHY'D YOU DO IT?

     I mean what the F? who said I did it. And when you try to prove that you wasn't

       Now, I know that I had been in my room all afternoon while they were gone talking on IRC and IM and checking email and replying to email's. So I mean how does that put me at the scene of the crime and show that I did it?

       So what I mean by brings up things from the past is, as a kid I had a fascination with button switches and lol as a ADD and ADHD kid you get fascinated with everything and anything really. So if I walked by something I had to turn it, flick it, push it, turn it.

      Well whatever, that was like when I was 12... I am 24 years old now lol..... and I am not spastic like I was as a kid and don't have those wild impulses anymore to do shit like that.

     So anyway's it turns into a  disagreement of she's never wrong and I am always wrong and knows that I am lying when I know that I haven't done it. And ends up with each other pissed off at each other.

       I don't see sometimes, how people can accuse others of doing something when they know that they wasn't there and know they saw the first person put the damn thing on 425 F.  when like, the ACCUSER wasn't even at home when the ACCUSE'E WAS there and was alone at home and knows what he was doing?

        So the moral to this story is:

It ended up me and her totally forgetting about it.... ( the whole argument )

  Oh, and  The Pot Roast turned out fine lol.

BUT WHATEVER......... I do kinda have another rant... But this is more of the reason for today's entry.

                 I have an aunt who... she doesn't live to far from me... About 3 miles outside of the town that we live in.

       And Well, she's a know it all and thinks that she knows everything and is always right about everything, and if you disagree she gets pissy and try's to argue about it.

At this point in time I really cant stand her. And for this very reason:

         So about 2 weeks ago...... While my father was in the hospital she calls the house, and of course I STUPIDLY answered the house phone,  and the convo started out fine . But, then all of a sudden she starts telling me that I need to do this and this and this and this AND stepping up and doing things around the house. When first off I do alot of things around the house and you know I just said well, well, and she was like don't well me. so I said well again lol.

        I mean first off who are YOU to call MY HOUSE ( parents ) and start rattling off for no apparent damn reason of what I need to do and not do around the house.

     I mean seriously YOUR NOT MY MOTHER so don't call my house listing off a list of BS that I need to do . And should seriously mind your own business and keep your nose where it belongs.

       She was like " I expect you to get out there and mow the yard" HELLO.... ( at that time ) it was 95 F outside and I am very asthmatic and I can hardly breathe when its that damn hot. ( I Have to wear a face mask because the grass screws up with my asthma ).

       ( NOW... let me state and mind you, that I have been busting my ass ( EVERYDAY ) around this house and doing things and trying to help my parents out so really this was the last damn thing I wanted was for someone in my family to call and rant and make a list of things for me )

      I mean she try's to call people and boss them around and tell them what to do when it comes to things and Quite frankly I dont appreciate it. And I know that she's nosey ( this aunt )but I mean seriously keep your business where it belongs and not in mine.

       SO everytime she pops in over here at the house every blue moon since that day I just don't say anything to her and I try to ignore her, due to the fact that I am still pissed off about her trying to call me and give me a DEMAND LIST of things I should be and shouldn't be doing.

     SO your asking. ok so what's the point of this entry by now?

Well for :

1. I needed to vent and get something's off my mind

        and 2.  ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG... SERIOUSLY..... People made people rant sometimes.....  !

Christopher's Journal


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