Thursday, May 8, 2008

#43 - I Need Coffee!

By, Ratu Syura

OMG! I think my head is seriously about to explode!!! I don't think I can take this kinda pressure anymore! With practically 3 more days left for finals, term papers to pass up tomorrow, and an SS opportunity to finish up in 12 hours, and not to mention other paid assignments from other 'bosses' I gotta get done soon, I seriously just feel like giving up and put on my dancing shoes and head over to Heritage Row!! Seriously!!

And if that didn't make things bad enough, what makes things even worse is that I can't log on to Facebook because of some sorta server problem! Urghh.. My fluff pet, Mumbo is the only thing that calms me down during these panic attacks! Oh! And worst of all... I'm out of coffeeee!! tension

Breathe Syura, breatheee.... *Heee Heee Hoooo... Heee Heee Hooo...* That's supposed to work on pregnant women but from these raging hormones I'm feeling right now, I suppose it would work... It MUST work!!

Since this post is officially a complaint, I might as well have it integrated (omg! i used the word integrated!! i think this is the effect of too many management term papers rubbing on me!!)


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