Saturday, May 17, 2008

#46 - Oh My Shoulder!

By, Osindak

If there is one thing that bugs me most of the time, then that would be my left shoulder.

I've been having this aching left shoulder for the past few years. The intensity of pain varies, sometimes negligible but there are times I could really feel something poking the inner part of my shoulder. I've gone for medical check-up and the kind doctor suggested I should do further tests (but I haven't done so! ha! so terrible (or lazy!) of me, huh?). Hubby has also taken me to see the Chinese doctor and he tried to 'fix' the problem too, but short lived. The kind makcik has also massaged the shoulder a few times and I must say the pain is not that bad anymore, but still... It's still lurking there...

Too burdened, perhaps? *grin* Or too much blogging? LOL

Oh well.. I should be grateful I still have functioning shoulders! *grin* A shoulder to cry on, a shoulder for my kids to bermanja, and so on.. *smiles*

I'd just have to do more from now on lah - exercise my shoulders often and go for regular massages! *wink*

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