Friday, May 9, 2008

#44 - Are they spam kidding me...

By, SoccerMom

I go to my e-mail this morning to find the message below in my box.
First off I love the English?!? NOT
Next are they serious they want me to send them money so I can put their weblink on my blog ~ I am curious to know how many people are going to fall for this...
~ btw; I tracked this back and it originated from India.

Dear User,

Greetings from!!
Today we are mailing you to thank you for making us web's well known blogs directory. We are so thrilled and glad
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What more!! You can even pay using your paypal account!!

If you are interested in this offer, just transfer 5$ in paypal;
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Max said...

Hello Mel,

Seriously? Is there anyone who falls for this? This reminds me of that Nigerian scheme we spoke of a few months ago *nodding*...


Monday Morning Power said...

If no one fell for this there wouldn't be so many scam artists out there. Greed fuels many a downfall.

Max said...


You are absolutely right! Shockingly right! *nodding*...

Have a blessed weekend, my friend :D!


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