Sunday, November 11, 2007

#7 - Illegal Immigration

Title: Let's Do Something About Illegal Immigration
Subject: Illegal Immigration
Author: Mel Kaye
Location: USA, CA, Thousand Oaks
Level of Annoyance (1-10): 9
Complaint/Challenge Details:
There is no question about the fact that illegal immigrants are putting a drain on our society. They are dragging down our schools scores, costing us billions in welfare and medical. There is a high rate of them using involved in identity fraud and using forged documents. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans are right now sharing their identities with immigrants and don't know it. Every year, nearly 9 million people pay their taxes using the wrong Social Security number. The crime rates among this group is quite high.

On addition we need to protect our boarders.

Why can't we come together as a country and call them what they are, "Illegal Aliens," and actually do something about it. It seems all of our politicians treading lightly around this. I wish they would grow some balls and come up with a viable solution.

Possible Solution
I do not recall ever seeing this as an answer to the problem.

People want to come to the US, ostensibly, because of the ability to better provide for their families by earning more money and providing a better way of life, including medical and education. In other words, they either love the American way of life or will learn to love the American way of life. If they hated it, why would they want to come over? And what better way to show how much you love your new country than to serve in their Armed Forces.

My solution is for those who want to bypass the normal immigration and citizenship procedures should serve in our armed forces. For a married man; once he has enlisted his immediate family gets temporary visas and once he has received an honorable discharge his immediate family immediately become citizens. For a single man or woman the same procedure would apply with possibly his or her parents and under aged siblings getting citizenship.

Learning English would be mandatory for everyone.

For those who can't pass the tests there needs to be an alternative form of public service that they can do with the same 3 year commitment.

All current illegal immigrants should also be given this option or immediately be deported.

The concept of "anchor child" should be done away with on a go-forward bases.

What say you?

To put some perspective on this problems see Mexico's Immigration Laws.

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I agree. Greed and big business are reaping big bunks in and don't care if they are illegal or not. It is changing the complextion of our way of life. They demand things be printed in Spanish and they get it. If we say anything we are racists. Our being politically correct will do us in. They are not illegal immigrants they are illegal aliens as defined by law. Great post Mel. I have a couple of awards for you too. Please put them on both your blogs. :)

Monday Morning Power said...

Sandee, it really amazes me how the politicians just give it lip service and then try and sweep it under the rug.

Max said...

Hey Mel,

I have already subscribed to this blog.

Now, my opinion:

Illegal immigration is a problem, even here in Europe.
I understand that people migrate in search of better living conditions; however illegality is not an option, and plus it costs a lot of money to governments/states (i.e. our taxes).

The Portuguese constitution states that foreigners have equal rights as the Portguese have. This means that if they arrive sick, the government has to pay for their medical expenses, and support them (until they are fit to either legalise themselves - which requires finding a job) or extradite them *nodding*.

Your idea: lol it's an interesting one, if I may say so!


Monday Morning Power said...

I'm curious, do you actually kick them out? We also have that right, but as I'm sure you have read, those laws are not enforced. When they are the authorities are charged with racism. It's a real mess.

Max said...


Yes, we actually do kick them out (but we do accept them back if they enter the country in full compliance with the law)!

Portugal cannot be accused of racism, cause we had African colonies; and we have a huge African community here in Portugal; but we need to enforced the immigration laws due to the European Union.

Monday Morning Power said...

What happens here is that being accused of racism and actually being racist has nothing to do with each other. Everybody knows that by just making the accusation it stops everything in its tracks. Both our laws and politicians are impotent when the word "Racism" is thrown out. I'm sure it has a lot to do with our history with slavery.

It's a real issue in so many ways.

moooooog35 said...

I say plumbers have WAY too much money and get overpaid for the littlest things. Now they want criminals doing our sprinkler systems?!



I thought this was about Illegal Irrigation.

My bad. Sorry about that.

Monday Morning Power said...

your not taking this seriously. However, you add a certain amount of levity. Thank you for that.

Max said...


I am not at all surprised at the reason being the one you stated...but it's time to change. The USA cannot focus on the past forever: it must adjust to new times, re-design strategies to tackle racial tensions (which I think that are subsiding, little by least that's the image we have over here); and move on.

There are issues that must be dealt with, and must be dealt with now!

I am against the everlasting convo about slavery, and "how we were explored by the man!"'s boring; and it leads Afro-Americans nowhere (I don't agree with the term "Afro-American" but it's ok...); Afro-Americans, Latinos, Asians etc...


Monday Morning Power said...

You have it exactly right. As a country, we need to make some hard decisions and move on. We have the "liberal" victorcrats (always the victim) that base their existence on "individual rights." Unfortunately, in this country the rights of the one out-ways the rights of the man. It's sad but true.

Max said...


I think that the rights of men can only be achieved when a nation has a strong and rational strategie for its people in general.
A nation must be concerned with the welfare of every single citizen (regardless its ethnic beackground, religion etc), however the citizen must not keep hindering a proper social/economic development (like it's occurring in the case of illegal immigration)'s not fair; and it's silly!


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