Tuesday, November 13, 2007

#8 - Bitchfest

Title: Not Enough Complaining
Subject: Bitchfest
Author: Baba Doodlius
Location: Universe
Level of Annoyance (1-10): 9
Complaint Details:

I've been reading this board since it started, and all I see is one complaint from me and a bunch from the originator, Mel.

C'mon folks, where are all your complaints? I walk down the street and I hear people doing NOTHING BUT COMPLAINING. Everybody wants to bitch about something, right? And then when Mel so kindly gives you the chance to air your beefs, what do you do? You completely clam up! I don't know about folks elsewhere on the planet, but I'm currently residing in the U S of A, and complaining around here is generally regarded as an ART FORM. So why hasn't the expected bitchfest materialized? We wanna know what cheezes you off!

Possible Solution
: Complain


Monday Morning Power said...

Your right. We need more complaints. Take this as a challenge. I challenge everyone who reads this complaint about "Not Enough Complaining" to submit a complaint. I know you want to. Go ahead; do it!

Preposterous Ponderings said...

You want a complaint, you've got a complaint!

I am good at complaining just ask my old man.

I don't understand why people don't complain more.It allows you to vent all of your frustrations on some poor unsuspecting fool.Complaining is more fun than a barrel of skinned monkeys floating in rubbing alcohol.

So peaople heed their call complain,complain,complain and complain some more!

You'll feel so much better!

Besides it is funny as hell to see the looks on peoples face when they have no clue as to why you are griping at them. Tee Hee

Monday Morning Power said...

So, are you going to accept the challenge?

stacys1175 said...

I have a complaint I cant stand it when people drive and talk on the cell phone it drives me nuts. oh I have another when people leave shopping carts in a handicap parking spot. and when your at the store and the its says 10 idems or less and the person in front of you has 20 idems. ok im done for now :)

Monday Morning Power said...

Stacy, why not complete a "Complaint Form" & I'll post it.

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