Saturday, November 17, 2007

#9 - Internet Scams - Challenge

Title: Why Am I So Lucky - Challenge
Internet Scams
Author: Mel Kaye
US, CA, Thousand Oaks
Level of Annoyance (1-10): 8
Challenge Details: As you may know, I have a complaint posted about Internet scams called "Why Am I So Lucky." In this complaint I list the details of 10 Internet scams. Since posting this on November 4th, I have received another 20 which I have listed in the "comments" following my complaint. My challenge is for everyone who reads this to add the details of the scams that they have received in the "comments" section following that post.

Possible Solution
: This will give a single place to list as many of these scams as possible. I'm not sure if this will accomplish anything, but it will put scammers on notice. It will also give potential victims a place to go to research knowns scams. And who knows, maybe this will get someone's attention who can actually do something.


Max said...
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Monday Morning Power said...

It seems that the common theme in 90% of these scams is the use of a Yahoo email address. I sent the following "feedback" to yahoo:
Internet Scams:

There have been an unusually high number of Internet scams coming across lately and the one thing that 90% of them have in common is "Yahoo email addresses." In fact the latest one is so blatant that the subject line states "Yahoo Awards Center." It is pretty well know that Yahoo is complacent about this. This is not right.

You need show us that you are serious about stopping these. I have made a point of documenting all of the scams, that have been sent just to me, over the last 3 weeks. I have, and will continue, to post them on my site. You may want to take a look at these 2 links and let us know that you are doing something to stop this.

Please leave me a comment at either of these links or email me directly at

Thank you in advance.


Let's see if it gets a response.

Max said...


I would like to add some scam input, but I haven't been receiving any (perhaps they know already that it's pointless lol); however if I receive one, I will add it here!

And funny the Policia Judiciária (similar to FBI) is chasing that kind of crime, and today they issued a list telling people how to not get involved in email scam (ex: Eastern Europe sends people emails saying that they need Portuguese partners. Then they suggest people to send them a bank account, so that they can send them money - since they are partners - so that they can open representative offices. Result - people send the bank account numbers which will be used to laundry money, and then people see themselves involved in a crime).

It's a serious business indeed.


Monday Morning Power said...

I know that this is an international problem. Maybe with a central repository for these it might just get someone's attention. We'll see.

Max said...

I sincerely hope it does get somebody's attention, Mel :)!

Your complain blog is extremely important, cause people do need to learn how to complain (since it is the only way to improve things)!


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