Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#29 - Boo to Bad Service!

By, Marzie

Boy, do I have something to complain about today! If you know me well enough, you'd know that I am a stickler for excellent customer service. I can't stand inefficiency or being put on a wild goose chase when the person in charge obviously doesn't know his job enough to give me an acceptable answer. Last week, we decided to stay in and order Mc Donald's for dinner, since we were lazy to go out. Besides, it was Idol night, which means we'd be glued in front of the TV, so a home delivery was a perfect solution - or so we thought!

We were in the mood for some fried chicken, so I asked for 2 Fried Chicken value meals. I specifically requested for NO WINGS, since that is the one part of chicken that I do not eat and neither does B. I asked for BREAST and THIGH instead. The lady, who took my order, spoke to me in English, but I still repeated my order in Malay, since I wanted to ensure she understood my request for NO WINGS. I told her "Kepak tak nak, tolong ganti dengan dada dan paha ye" or "No wings, please replace with BREAST and THIGH". I think I was pretty clear with my order and she too, confidently responded with a somewhat irritated and firm "Yes, Breast and Thigh". Perhaps she didn't like that I repeated my order twice, and in 2 different languages too. I couldn't help myself however, since I've been disappointed by Mc D's delivery on several prior occasions, so one can never be too sure.

Anyway, our order arrived 45 minutes later and I quickly opened my box of fried chicken, expecting to see my requested chicken parts. To my surprise, there was a piece of WING and a drumstick, despite my MANY requests not to include any chicken wings! Trying to calm myself down, I checked the receipt to see that my order was keyed in correctly and was HORRIFIED to see BREAST spelled as BRETTS and THIGH as TIGHTTS! No wonder I didn't get what I requested for; the mistake came from the order taker herself! I was fuming by then and my whole dinner was ruined by Mc D's inefficiency to deliver what I, the customer asked for. We were too tired by then to start a ruckus with Mc D's, so I suffered in silence and ended up throwing away the chicken wing! Mariuca was one dissatisfied customer that night! :(

A few days later, we decided to go Italian and order a pizza. It was either Pizza Hut or Domino's and we decided on the former, since our last order was from Domino's. We ordered 2 regular pizzas, simply because we both wanted different flavours and I was already sick of having B's favourite Hawaiian Chicken. I ordered a Pepperoni pizza and added 2 extra toppings - mushroom and green pepper. Then, I happily waited for the delivery guy to arrive since I was ravenous from not eating a proper meal the whole day.

The pizza arrived soon enough and once again, I had the shock of my life when I opened the box and all I could see was a Pepperoni pizza MINUS the mushrooms and green peppers! I was so angry by then because the additional toppings cost an extra RM5. I quickly checked the receipt to see if they charged me for the extra toppings and true enough, I was charged an extra RM5 and yet, there were no toppings on my Pepperoni Delight. What's up with that?! I was all set to pick up the phone and throw one of my famous tantrums, but B pacified me seeing that it was almost 11pm and the call centre would have been closed by then.

That was really the last straw for me and right now, I'm going on strike against their home delivery! What's the point in ordering something when what you get is not what you ordered? What ticks me off the most is that this wasn't the first time my orders arrived incomplete or wrong. Furthermore, I've been a loyal customer despite their many shortcomings and is this how they show appreciation for good customers like me? I think not!

Phew! What a relief to get that out of my system, thanks for listening to my complaints peeps.

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