Tuesday, April 29, 2008

#40 - The Don't Help Line...

By, SoccerMom

I have both Canada Savings Bonds and Ontario Savings Bonds for my kids and with the move you are required to let the company holding the Ontario Bonds know your new address as this is an outsourced company not tied to your info. As we have now been here long enough that our change of address has run out at the post office, I finally got around to calling them. I know, shame on me but in my defense I am not normally a procrastinator.

I call the 1-800 number to make sure they have my new info only to be told, “I can not help you, you have to submit your info in writing” ~ I now have that tilted head what look...

My question to you phone answer person who is sitting there being paid not to help is;
~ Why are you there?
~ Why do you put your phone number on your paperwork, if you have no intention of assist people?
~Why do you post your website on your info again if we can’t get help unless it is sent into your physical address?
What the heck…

If you are going to be there and not actually help then you need to have an automated attendant that just keeps you in phone-loop-hell.

Why pick-up the phone and frustrate people?
Oh wait I'm having a light-bulb moment... I get it now!!
This is a government agency and their job is to annoy and frustrate people not help.

My bad for getting worked up.

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