Saturday, April 5, 2008

#28 - The Frog's Complaint

"There's someone with right to complain about this free transportation!"
Brasil / Mato Grosso /Cuiabá


Osc@r Luiz said...

Thank You!
Be welcome ever on my worlds.
You're a gentleman!
Greetings from Brazil!

Liara Covert said...

Your images are priceless! Have you ever read any animal image books compiled by Bradley Trevor Greive? Fabulous stuff there too! Its interesting that some people have a way of finding blessings in any circumstance and manage to bypass "the complaining stage." Recall the phrase, "its the ony way to fly?"

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi Liara,
This site is a contribution site, where others contribute their complaints. So this picture was contributed by Oscar. It is cute though.

bonoriau said...

Click from 1000 Big Bang. Your BLOG is different. I like it but please don't complain mine ...heeee from

Home Theater said...

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Max said...

LOL LOL LOL Loved the image, loved the complain: Gorgeous!!

Cheers, my friend

Monday Morning Power said...

You should hop (LOL) on over to Oscar's site and let him know.

Max said...


LOL I already have hopped over and told him: his blogs are great! It is even hard to decide which one to read...


Monday Morning Power said...

This brings up a real blogging issue that I have been struggling with lately. There are quite a few EXCELLENT blogs out there....far too many to read. It can get overwhelming. In fact, as of late I have had to cut back on my blog reading. Sometimes these decisions can be quite arbitrary, just based on time constraints and priorities. However, that WILL NEVER HAPPEN with your blog!!! It may be a week or two before I get back, but I will alway get back!!

Max said...


I know...too many blogs, not much time! I know the feeling!

Ooh, that is so kind of you, my friend :D! But it's ok, you do not have to be there every week; we are pals and pals may not visit each other always yet they know that their friendship is tight :)!

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