Thursday, April 24, 2008

#34 - Better Service Please!

By, Farah

GP wants me to vent out my grievance- my complain on anything which bothers me. Actually, I've written one when I started blogging, so, let me put that up again here.

There are a lot of things here which I am not satisfied about. I don't think I have to time to list down everything, so, I'll just highlight a few. First, about 'goods sold are not returnable or refundable'!
Well, if we are talking about 'goods' such as food or drinks then fine- totally and definitely acceptable, but I am referring to material goods. Why is it in Malaysia, the policy is as such? Recently, I entered a PC store to get a laptop sleeve, I took one out and I wasn't quite sure if it would fit my laptop, so, I checked with the salesman. He told me that, it might fit (after telling him what my laptop make and model is), so, fine, I bought it. While at the cashier, I was still unsure about the size, so, I told him that if it doesn't fit, I would come and get a change (a different size). Straight away, he stopped and told me, "NO".
I was stunned and asked why not? He told me that once bought, I can't change or get a refund. I was pissed at the statement and told him that I am not asking for a cash refund, I might just have to change the size of the laptop sleeve. He told me that, it is not possible because he would have to do a lot of 'work on the cash register'. I said- so what, just do it, I can wait if I have to! At that instant, my blood had really rose up to my head! I said, fine, I don't want this bag now and he asked me why? He told me that I can't return it since he has punched it in the cash register, until and unless it's faulty or damaged! So, I asked him, if it was really damaged and I need to get my money back, what would he have to do? He said, he would have to go thru a lot of of 'processes' again before giving my money back. Angrily, I grabbed the laptop sleeve, and within 30 seconds, I spotted a 'damaged corner' at the item and DEMANDED my money back. To my surprise, he gave my money back in less than a minute- so, what was all the 'fuss about processes' about?? Just lazy? or just lying? or maybe just stupid?
I think the retail system and policy we have in Malaysia is just so pathetic and obtuse! It is not giving any rights to consumers. Stores might be selling broken goods, and you don't realise it. You might be buying it and bringing it back home only to realise that it is broken! After that, if you go back to the store to complain, it will be your fault for not checking it first before purchasing- they don't give you any returns or refunds even when it's not your fault at all!
Similarly, recently, I was shopping in Body Shop, Penang, Malaysia. I bought myself the Vitamin E moisture cream and paid for it. Then, as I was walking out of the store, on a different shelf, I saw the Vitamin E moisturiser with SPF 15- which I thought would be better than the one I had just paid for. (Bear in mind that I have not left the store yet). I took the other moisturiser and told the cashier I want to change the earlier one to this later one (the one I took later was more expensive, so, I thought I would just pay the difference). Believe it or not- they refused! Once sold, it can't be changed! HOW BIZARRE???? Just plain idiots! I have not even stepped out of the store yet! They said it's the store's policy- that's what they've been instructed to do.
There are more of similar incidents, but I don't think I want to scribble them all down now. The fact is that, why can't consumers in Malaysia have more rights? Customers must be 100% satisfied with the items they bought. Just by making this 'goods sold are not returnable/ refundable/exchangeable' stupid policy, it makes the sellers gain more by selling faulty goods (believe me, they do!). They take advantage from the unreasonable policy!
Why can't we be like countries such as UK or US. Almost all items (of course not the undies and other tangible items) sold are returnable/ refundable/ exchangeable within a certain period of time with the original receipts. Below is an excerpt of the return policy in almost every stores in UK:

"Our refund policy, which is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights states "If you are unhappy with anything that has been purchased from ****, the goods can be returned to the store for a full refund or exchange to the same value, provided the goods are returned within ** days of purchase with a valid receipt and are in the condition in which they were purchased."

It gives satisfaction to the customer as well as it controls the quality of items sold. QoS (Quality of service) is an aspect which is taken for granted in our country. Maybe as consumers, we are still not aware of our rights. Isn't it time that we should rise and voice up? Or, are we happy with...
"Goods sold are not returnable/ exchangeable/ refundable"

There are a lot more of unsatisfactory things happening right in front of my eyes....don't get me started with the public transportation in Malaysia (among them)!
I better stop now...I am getting angry! hahahahahahah

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