Friday, April 25, 2008

#37 - Desperate Blogging with Blog Traffic Sites

By, Matthew S. Urdan

I've belonged to several Blog Traffic Sites designed to increase traffic to bloggers. However, I have never seen so much complaining about a site as I have hear on EntreCard, and I've only been on EntreCard for a couple weeks. First there was the complaining about the change in the point system, and then there was the complaining about the placing of the EntreCard widget on the blog, and then there was complaining that while EntreCard does increase traffic to a site, it really doesn't generate that many regular readers as Desperate Bloggers just "Drop 'N Go."

My response, everyone, is please, just give it a rest. Seriously.

These Blog Traffic sites are FREE. These Blog Traffic Sites generate traffic. They are also fun. In the two weeks I've been a member of EntreCard, my Alexa Rank has gone up from 16 million to 3 million. Not that I care, I'm not blogging to make money. But EntreCard works. But do I really expect that all members who find my site are going to become regular readers? Well no!

The truth of the matter is, I drop n run. But while the site is loading and while I'm searching for an EntreCard, I come across some blogs over and over again. In just the few seconds it takes for me to scroll, I can read a headline. I can look at a graphic. If something attracts my attention, I'll stop and read. If it doesn't or if the site is not updated often, I just drop my card and move on. I think most people pretty much do the same. This doesn't mean a blog traffic site doesn't work, it means your content isn't as appealing to the entire blogosphere as you thought it was. So don't blame the Blog Traffic sites bringing traffic to your site.

Personally, in two weeks, I've found about 20 blogs I read regularly now and I've made some new friends and a couple of really good friends. This stuff takes time. It takes work, and you have to comment and build relationships with other bloggers. No blog traffic site is a miracle cure. If you want traffic, you have to take time to interact with other bloggers and build a critical mass. If you're willing to do that, that all these Blog Traffic Sites are 100% successful as the TOOLS they are intended to be.

Thanks for reading.

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