Thursday, April 24, 2008

#35 - Ladies Unite it's a Dress Fight…

By, SoccerMom

I took The girl out to find a grade dress and this my friends is not an easy task. But we did manage to find “The Dress” it is a really cute cotton orange halter that is not too revealing and will be dressy enough and great for grad (pics to come). As we are checking out I am not paying attention to the cashier lady but rather The girl and I are talking about shoes and things that would look cute with the dress (like any mom and daughter would be), when the cashier puts the changes through, I sign the credit-card slip and out of the store we go.

A few seconds later I went to put something in my purse and opened the bill only to see that instead of $49.99 she changed me $149.99 so I immediately went back to the store and explained she had over charged me to which she replies “No I did not”, Hey lady “yes you did”. I showed The girl the price and commented how proud her dad would be at our fab find. She had taken the sale tag off the dress and discarded it. And while we were gone she did the same thing to the only other dress in the store that was the same as the one we just purchased.

She out-right refused to refund my money or help me in any way, so I told her I wanted to talk to the Manager so she called the Manager and spoke to her in some East/Asian Indian dialect that I do not understand then hands me the phone, at this point the Manager basically tells me "Pound-salt" I bought it, no refund. I am so upset that I go get Mall Security to see if they can Mediate this as there is nothing that this store will do. All they had to do was refund my credit card but she absolutely refused. She called her manager again and spoke some East/Asian Indian dialect then handed the phone to the Security Lady. At this point the security tells her the right thing to do it just refund my money, again she flat out refused.

I can not believe in this day and age that someone would try this. See what I think is these be-otches forgot about is some mom’s love to blog, yup especially this one and to tell their stories of wrong doing is one of their favorite things to do!! So that old tell one friend now becomes tell 100’s of friends in a snap.

So ladies please listen closely;
I need all those in the GTA and immediate surrounding area to tell everyone they know about my story ~ DO NOT whatever you do shop at Bellissima Boutique located at Square One in Mississauga. As this is where this happened to me. They also have a location in Pickering and at Cloverdale Mall. Also they operate at Cloverdale as second location under the name Fine Clothing Limited. And if that was not enough they also have a store in or near Sherway Gardens by the name of Josephine Shum in addition the other two that I just mentioned.

See I think that they forgot that at grad time a lot of other moms have a lot of influence on where “The Dress” is purchased and since I am in Stoney Creek where it more then matters what your daughter looks like that anywhere else in Ontario, she chose the wrong person to pick-on.

Oh yes, I did contract three major consumer assistance ombusmen who report for three major media outlets in Ontario along with the Mall Management who said they will do everything to make this right
~ Hey be-otches ~ who’s laughing now…

A Mother's thoughts
Mississauga Ontario Canada

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