Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#30 - Complain, complain

By, Emila

Complaint 1: The sign shows it opens at 11.00am; as my watch showed 11.01am, I walked in and sit. I sat down for 5 minutes or so until one of the waitress finally looked at me and asked,"Having here?" in a rushing manner, without even caring to say good morning and address me well. She didn’t approach my table, instead asking from where she was at, about 5 metres away.

"Having here" I said, a bit annoyed.

"But the kitchen is not open yet," she replied, half screaming.

I got angry instantly, enough not to say anything. I got up from the seat, looked at her with the you-suck look and just walked out. Another waitress who was just finished cleaning up the corridor went in and asked me, " Do you want anything?" Her mop was so close to my face. I simply said, "you girls are ridiculous!" and walked away.

No I don’t want anything, I went in because I want to lurk you girls and watch you work. Eeee!!! Of course I want something, I wouldn’t have been there the first place.

Complaint 2: Again, I was disappointed with a bad service at a local restaurant. When a nasi lemak that my husband and I ordered failed to reach our table, my husband decided to cancel the order. We’ve been waiting like 40 minutes and even finished our coffee. I asked my husband to wait and went to find somebody to talk too. I found one at the cashier counter and gave her a long ‘pep talk’! After the final question, "how long does it take to prepare one, actually?", I got the nasi lemak within a blink of an eye! Yassin was so hungry that I pitied him for the long wait.

Want another one?

Complaint 3: I went to one of those franchise well known cafe/bistro and ordered a grilled chicken. After awhile, I ordered another one (takeaway) for my mom. I called the waitress and placed my order but I was quite surprised when she told me ‘there’s no more stock, the new stock will arrived shortly ‘. It was only 12.00 noon, and they just opened at 11.30am. "So how short is ’shortly’?" I asked. She went to the counter and asked her supervisor. She came back and said, "6.00pm". Of course I was mad like crazy! I don’t really know how the franchise system works but they should’ve make sure that there were enough stocks in store for customers who have 10 kids who will probably order 10 same exact meals!

If only they were in Facebook, I would super poke them! :evil:

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