Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#31 - Well, My Turn

By, Zubli

Well, my turn…

So, do I wanna complain? Yes!

Selangor is rich with abundance sources, resources, and opportunities.

As a Consultant, I place my expertise with two Consultancy Training Companies at Shah Alam.

We prepared our proposals, and began marketing.

Soon enough, we see that what is a tiny light of a chance became darkness of nothing, when opportunities are no longer there for us to enjoy this huge economic cake. Yes, in Selangor.

My complaint is: Units, Departments, Agencies, and the Public Sector in Selangor already have their own consultancy and training companies engaged for the next number of years. To us, the number can be a hundred. So, these two companies in Shah Alam, Selangor, shall be given nothing.

We have also met at least two Yang Berhormat s, who refused to benefit from our consultancy and training expertise, to develop their kawasan (areas).

Perhaps, the message is clear, you must be UMNO, Barisan Nasional, one who says what I prefer to say.

or go here:

Thus, from 1999, 2004…we get almost nothing. Apart from gaining a bit from the private sector.

Boom! 2008 in the 12th Malaysian General Election, Barisan Nasional lost Selangor, and now Bulatan Alternatif leads this state.

One of the companies I am with, met the new Menteri Besar, Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Abdul Khalid Ibrahim dilahirkan pada …
314 x 461 - 116k - jpg

My friend told me, yesterday Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who now sit on the Menteri Besar Chair of Selangor, said, “We are not like Barisan Nasional people. We prefer to share the cake with all concerned. So, please set up a Consortium of Consultants and Trainers, so that the Selangor Government can past this opportunity to the Consortium, and the Consortium will share amongst its members.”

Well, how nice.

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim
375 x 511 - 144k - jpg

Are we grateful? Yes!

We know that when it is the Barisan Nasional leading Selangor, we cannot earn from providing consultancy and training services, so when Bulatan Alternatif did promise, we may not earn, but again we hold to the promise, perchance, there is a chance.

A chance is now offered. Wow!

So, let us see what shall happen next.

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Hoover Maneuver said...

I LOVE your blog...looks like we have a LOT in common. I'll definitely put a link on my blogroll to yours.

Keep writing...and keep complaining! If we don't do it, things will never get better!

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