Thursday, April 24, 2008

#36 - The Dress ~ Part 2

By, SoccerMom

The Dress ~ Part 2

On April 18 the Manager from Bellissima in Square One sent a message to me to ask me to contact her. I received the message on the 19th and called her right away. She said she was very busy in her store and asked if I could call back I asked
her if Mon would be better and she said yes. As at this point I was please that she was making an effort. I called her Mon and she told me that she wanted to fix this could I come in I asked when she would be in and she said she worked 2 to 9. told her
I would be in Tues or Wed. She said she told me to bring in the dress but I did not hear that.

I went to the store Monday approx 3:35 or so and asked the clerk is Kavi was there. She was sitting on the floor assisting someone and I said who I was, she asked if I could wait a few minutes and I said of course finish helping that customer at this time I stepped back from the counter and away from any traffic in the store. She was then finished and come over to see me.

I opened the original receipt and put it on the counter and she asked me where the dress was. I told her I did not have it as it was at my seamstress being altered. She said oh I wanted the dress back and I was going to give you your money back. I again said well I am sorry it is being altered and that I was surprised that she was not going to refund my $100.00, she again
repeated if you give me back my dress I will give you a refund and we can be done with this. I once again explained that the dress was being altered. Again she said well you just bring it back and I will give you your money. Once again I said the dress is being altered besides my daughter loved the dress and all I wanted was my money back.

We then got into the price tag switching and at that time she said. Well we had gotten a lot of clothes in at that time and maybe the girls marked it wrong at 49.99 she had not had a chance to come over to the store and check everything that weekend, I told her about the various tags and at that time she said my girls said that did not happen and I have to believe my girls so immediately I said are you calling me a liar? She said oh no but my girls said that they did not touch the tags. I said do you think I would have gone to all this trouble if I was lieng. She again said I did not say that. Again I said yes you did , do you think I would have had spent this much time and energy and involved all these people and authorities and she said in a very snotty condescending tone yes I know you called the mall, and the police and the Toronto Star.

She then turned to her clerk working with her and said she claims that the dress is being altered and I said I don't claim it is.
She then said she had to call her Manager/Office and got a voice mail so she said it was going to be about 10 min
before someone got back to her. She put the phone down and then called another someone and spoke in her Indian language and said she in English is claiming that the dress is altered again I said it is and that is when I pulled out the claim tag from my seamstress and showed her and said not claims it is being altered.

She said well my girls said she left the store and went to Sear and saw a dress that you like better for $49.00 and that you wanted your money back. I said that is not right I left your store and went around the corner and when I realize what she had done I immediately returned to your store you can watch the mall video tapes. She did not respond to that. She said well my girl has worked her for over a year and I believe her. I again said are you calling me a liar, she did not respond again. She then said well I paid 89.00 for the dress so I can sell it to you for that I said look I though I was coming her to get my money back and you were going to do the right thing but all you are doing is upsetting me again and wasting my time I came here out of my way to which she responded well I am going out of my way.
I was totally taken back at this point and almost in tears from her abuse, but I did manage to hold it together.

I have to tell you I am very surprised that she is able to stay in business when treating customers in this manor. I am also surprised that this type if business is allowed to be in such an upscale mall.

She now has my original receipt and I will not be going back to her store ever again, I will not subject myself to her abuse or her staff's lies. I have now made three extra trips to the mall to deal with this and left the mall in tears twice.

I can tell you this come graduation time from high-school I am heading to Buffalo to get "that's the dress"
I know no one at Walden Galleria would ever do this to a customer they understand the value of a customer.

A Mother's thoughts
Mississauga Ontario Canada

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